Premium Water
July 1, 2022
Company size:
11 — 50 employees
Services We Provided:

- Visual Identity Design
- Brand Guideline
- Bottle Concept
- Bottle Design
- Outer Cases Design

The client

RENÉE is a brand that personifies rebirth through its eco-friendly technology, which converts atmospheric air into pure water.

The challenge

The target market for RENÉE is large and diverse, with many products that may be indirectly competitive. Our biggest challenge was to create a unique and remarkable visual identity and bottle design that would differentiate RENÉE from its indirect competitors and convey the brand's innovative and sustainable values.

Our goal was to design a visual brand identity and bottle that reflected the brand's vision and strategy, and left a powerful and lasting impression on the market. We faced the challenge of crafting a bottle design that was unique to the eye and memorable to the user.

The solution

We developed a visual brand identity for RENÉE that incorporated innovative and eco-friendly themes and conveyed the brand's values of sustainability and rebirth. This included a logo, color palette, typography, and graphic elements that were used consistently across all media to create a cohesive and professional brand image.

We also designed a unique bottle that stood out in the market and effectively communicated the brand's message. We worked on the bottle design from start to finish, including the material, to create a product that was truly unique and remarkable. The combination of these elements helped RENÉE differentiate itself from its indirect competitors and establish a strong presence in the market, thanks to its innovative approach to converting atmospheric air into pure water and its memorable bottle design.

The Result

The process of creating a visual brand identity and unique bottle design for RENÉE took more than nine months to complete.
After launching, RENÉE quickly gained recognition and success in the market.

It can now be found in prestigious restaurants, resorts, and hotels in Egypt and the UAE.
In the Egypt market, it has become a top choice among luxury sustainability water products. The brand is also available on most delivery applications in Egypt.

These results speak to the success of our efforts to create a professional and memorable brand image, as well as the appeal of the brand's innovative and eco-friendly approach to water production.

We are proud to have contributed to the brand's success.

Mustafa Bekhiet
— Co-founder and CEO at RENÉE

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