Borrowing SaaS
November 3, 2022
Saudi Arabia
Company size:
11 — 50 employees
Services We Provided:

- Creative Direction
- Visual Identity Design
- Brand Guideline


BARU is a peer-to-peer platform for sharing, borrowing, and lending items such as tools and equipment. The platform aims to foster a sense of community and encourage users to help each other out.


BARU faced several challenges in its mission to provide a convenient and cost-effective platform for sharing, borrowing, and lending items. These included establishing a strong brand identity and user base, developing a user-friendly and secure platform for transactions, and promoting the benefits of the service to potential users. Additionally, the team had to carefully consider the needs of both lenders and borrowers to ensure that the platform met the needs of all users. Building trust with the community and ensuring that transactions were safe and secure were also key challenges.

Our goal was to create a visual identity for BARU that would effectively communicate the unique features and benefits of the platform, and appeal to the target audience. We wanted to ensure that the brand image was cohesive and consistent across all media, and that the user experience was enjoyable and intuitive.


  • Developed a visual identity for BARU including a logo, color system, typography, and graphic elements
  • Ensured brand image was cohesive and consistent across all media using visual identity guidelines
  • Created an enjoyable and intuitive user experience with clear content and messaging
  • Helped BARU team easily incorporate brand's unique look and feel into the design of the app

These solutions contributed to the success of BARU by creating a professional, cohesive, and easily recognizable brand image, and an intuitive user experience. This helped the platform stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal user base.

Abdulaziz Al Oqeel

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