Pet Store
February 17, 2021
Company size:
1 — 50 employees
Services We Provided:

- Creative Direction
- Visual Identity Design
- Brand Guideline
- Logo Motion

The client

Furry is a pet accessory shop based in Vietnam that offers high-quality products for pets. They aim to provide the best for furry family members and ensure they are comfortable, safe, and fashionable.

The challenge

Furry's target market is pet owners in Vietnam, where there are many pet accessory shops that may be indirectly competitive. Our biggest challenge was to create a unique and memorable visual identity and packaging design that would differentiate Furry from its indirect competitors and convey the brand's fun, modern, and high-quality values.

The solution

Furry's visual brand identity incorporated playful, modern, and high-quality themes while conveying the business's ideas of purpose and pawsitivity. This included a logo with a hidden concept, a colour palette, typography, and graphic elements that were used consistently across all media to produce a consistent and professional brand image. We also designed eye-catching packaging that stood out in the market while effectively communicating the brand's philosophy. We worked on the packaging design from beginning to end, including the materials used, to create products that were truly unique and exceptional.Furry's distinct and distinctive brand name and packaging design enabled it to distinguish itself from its indirect competitors and establish a significant market presence.

The Result

Furry was able to launch effectively and establish itself as a reliable brand in the pet sector. Customers' positive reactions to our products and branding have shown the project's success in reaching its objectives. MOHI's work was critical to our success, and we highly recommend him for any pet business branding needs.

Evita Louis
CEO & Co-founder at Furry

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